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Orange wines

Oranzno vino

Malvazija Ivanka 0,75L

2015, dry, 14,7 vol. % alk.

This natural, dry white wine named after the (previous) owner of the vineyard in Solkan has a wonderful gold-amber colour which is a sign of the prolonged maceration. This wine’s bouquet is fruity with a rich taste, with pleasant citrus and dried fruit notes. Despite its maturity the wine is surprisingly fresh and pleasant and goes well with a number of Mediterranean dishes, fish and other. Without a doubt it can also be a meditative wine that doesn’t need to be accompanied by anything.

Rebula Ivanka 0,75L

2015, dry, 14,3 vol. % alk.

This pleasant dry wine is also named after the Solkan vineyard owner and shows its character with its gold-amber colour. It has a quite distinctive and penetrating bouquet, some tannins in the taste suggest aging of this wine. The Rebula Ivanka can be served alongside numerous light meat dishes and ripened cheeses.

Oranzno vino
Oranzno vino

Cuvee 0,75L

This wine is a mixture of various indigenous sorts, mostly malvazija and rebula. The vineyards are located at Varda, under St. Catherine hill (Kekec). A shorter maceration gives the wine freshness and a more prominent bouquet with a pleasant acidity. It can be a welcoming wine but also goes well with lighter summer and seafood dishes.