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Rdeča vina

Rdece vino

Cabernet Grjanc 0,75L

2015, dry, 14 vol. % alk.

A rich dry red wine. It is named after the sunny side of the vineyard in Gornje Cerovo. It has a beautiful ruby colour with shades of cherry red. The bouquet is reminiscent of red berries, it is very pleasant and promising. In the mouth this wine with a prolonged maceration doesn’t disappoint as it is a wine with a full body and matured tannins. The wine goes well with numerous spicy meat dishes and is without a doubt suitable for aging.

Grjanc 9 0,75L

2016, dry, 14 vol. % alk.

This dry red wine named after the 9 sorts in the Na Grjancu vineyard situated in Cerovo has a dark ruby colour and a pleasant wild berry bouquet. It is a warm, masculine and rich red wine, it is soft and velvety in the mouth. It also has a long lasting taste which makes the drinking of this wine an even more rewarding experience. This wine can be served with meat dishes, local dry and smoked meats and game.

Rdece vino
Rdece vino

Merlot Gospodovo 0,75L

2015, dry, 14, 5 vol. % alk.

This is a rich dry red wine. It is named after the sunny vineyard above Solkan, its ruby colour is immediately pleasing. This is accompanied by a bouquet reminiscent of fragrant red fruits and berries. This red wine has all the characteristics of good merlot, it’s warm, strong and masculine, it likes to be accompanied by strong and spicy meat dishes but a glass of this merlot by itself can be just as satisfying.