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'UOU' wines

The consortium of abandoned vineyards with its ‘UOU’ trade mark honours the memory of the ox, a beast of burden which in the past was essential for the survival of the people in the Primorska region, who were just as strong, persistent and stubborn.

‘UOU’ natural wines require complete attention. Old vines and natural agriculture in connection with maturation in wooden barrels are a piece of the recipe which gives the wine its unique aroma with a distinctive body. Prolonged maceration and the consequent amber colour round up their fullness.

The position of Goriška Brda and the Vipavska dolina valley, together with lots of sunlight and the winemakers’ love of nature allow the grapes to flourish. Harvests done by hand and late in the year allow the white and amber wines to reach a higher quality that is being discovered by more and more wine lovers. All this is rounded up by the red sorts inviting the taste buds to try the old sorts.



Oranzno vino


Rdece vino